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Actor's Smoking Blend
Adrenal Support
Apricot Escape (Art of Tea)
  • Assam

  • Organic Black, Green & Red Teas
  • A robust and rich black tea from India
  • $2.58/oz
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Autumn Tonic
  • Bancha

  • Organic Black, Green & Red Teas
  • Steamed, non-toasted green tea from Japan
  • $4.32/oz
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Bladder Aid
Blessed Thistle Brigid's Flame
Blessed Thistle Etain's Aid
Blessed Thistle Isolde's Love Tonic
Blessed Thistle Lilith's Spring Equinox Passion Tea
Blessed Thistle Mari's Mama Tonic
Blessed Thistle Nimue's Nectar
Blessed Thistle Rhiannon's Dream
Blessed Thistle Skatha's Warrior Tea
Blood Building
Blood Sugar Balance Tea
Blooming Belly (Pregnancy Tea)
Blueberry Rooibos (Rishi Tea)
Calcium Support
Cardio Tonic
Carob-Kava Chai
  • Ceylon

  • Organic Black, Green & Red Teas
  • Fair Trade Certified from Sri Lanka
  • $2.64/oz
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Chai, Herbal
Children’s Cough Away Tea
Children’s Digestive Tea
Children’s Feel Better Fast Tea
Children’s Sweet Dreams Tea
Chillin' with Julie
Circulation Tea
Clear Complexion
Clear Sinus
Coconut Cacao Pu-reh (Art of Tea)
Cool It! Candida
Cramp Calmer Tea
Crud and Cold Relief
Dandy Blend
  • Darjeeling

  • Organic Black, Green & Red Teas
  • A Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe Darjeeling from India
  • $2.70/oz
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Dark Roast Pu-erh (Humboldt Herbals Blend)
Dream Time Tea
Earl Grey
  • Earl Grey

  • Organic Black, Green & Red Teas
  • Fair Trade Certified China black B.O.P (Broken Orange Pekoe) flavored with bergamot oil
  • $4.26/oz
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Earl Grey Creme (Art of Tea)
Earl Grey Decaf
Earl Grey Lavender (Rishi Tea)
English Breakfast
Essiac Blend
Expectorant Cough Relief
Eye Care
Faeries Delight
Fireside Mulling Spice
Flower Power
  • Genmaicha

  • Organic Black, Green & Red Teas
  • Japanese steamed green tea with toasted brown rice
  • $4.32/oz
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Ginger Lime Rooibos (Rishi Tea)
Golden Slumber
Gout Remedy Tea
Green Tea, Decaffeinated
Gunpowder Green Tea
Happy Birthing Blend
Happy Heart
Healthy Vein Tonic
Higher Meditation
  • Honeybush

  • Organic Black, Green & Red Teas
  • A South African cousin of Rooibos with a minute amount of caffiene
  • $1.95/oz
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Hot Flash
I Love Me Tea
I Love My Liver
Immune Boosting Broth
Immune Chai
Irish Breakfast
Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong (Rishi Tea)
Jasmine Green
  • Jasmine Green

  • Organic Black, Green & Red Teas
  • Fair Trade Certified Green Tea infused with Jasmine flowers from China
  • $3.50/oz
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Jasmine Pearl (Rishi Tea)
Kidney Care
Lapsang Souchong
Lemon Ginger
Light In The Darkness
Lots O’ Lemon
Love Potion Number Nine
Lung Tonic Tea
Maghreb Mint
Mango Ceylon
  • Mango Ceylon

  • Organic Black, Green & Red Teas
  • Fair Trade Certified black tea with mango flavor and marigold
  • $2.75/oz
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Matcha Green Tea
Maximum Mint
Mayan Spice
Memory Tea
Mending Tea
Metabolism Magic
Milky Mama
Mint Chocolate Mate
Moroccan Mint
Mulling Spice
No More  Snifflin' and Sneezin' Tea
Oh My Aching Head
Oh, Man! (male system support)
Omija Berry Blush
Orange Blossom (Rishi Tea)
Orange Pekoe
  • Orange Pekoe

  • Organic Black, Green & Red Teas
  • A light and fruity fair trade certified tea from India
  • $2.42/oz
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Orange Spice
  • Orange Spice

  • Organic Black, Green & Red Teas
  • Assam black tea with cinnamon, clove and orange peel
  • $3.12/oz
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Patagonia Super Berry
Patagonia Wild Guava
Peace Tea
Peach Blossom (Rishi Tea)
  • Pu-erh

  • Organic Black, Green & Red Teas
  • Slightly fermented tea with an earthy, rich and smooth flavor from Yunnan, China
  • $5.00/oz
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Pu-erh Bordeaux
Pu-erh Chocolate Chai
Pu-erh Ginger (Rishi Tea)
  • Pu-erh Ginger (Rishi Tea)

  • Organic and Fair Trade from Rishi Tea
  • Yunnan variety blended with ginger and orange peel. Good for digestion, cholesterol and weight loss.
  • $5.00/oz
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Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea Cakes
Raspberry Nectar (Art of Tea)
Respiratory Power Punch
Rooibos, Green
Rooibos, Red
Rose Melange (Rishi Tea)
  • Rose Melange (Rishi Tea)

  • Organic and Fair Trade from Rishi Tea
  • A soothing and refreshing blend of white tea, green tea, rose, lavender, mint and jasmine
  • out of stock
Scarlet Tea (Rishi Tea)
  • Sencha

  • Organic Black, Green & Red Teas
  • Steamed green leaf from Japan; earlier summer harvest
  • $6.00/oz
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Silver Needle White Tea (Rishi Tea)
Smooth Sailing Laxative Tea
Spring Soul Reviver
Stomach Comfort
Sunrise and Shine (Humboldt Herbals Blend)
Tea for Him (Art of Tea)
  • Tea for Him (Art of Tea)

  • Organic and Fair Trade Tea from Art of Tea
  • A medium caffeinated tea with a bold earthy flavor to energize while enhancing strength and endurance.
  • $4.15/oz
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Tea of Roses (Humboldt Herbals Blend)
Throat Soothe
Tree Hugger Tea
Tropical Guayusa
Tulsi Rose
Tulsi Vanilla Mint Chai
Tummy Tea
Turmeric Chai
Turmeric Ginger Tea (Rishi Tea)
Under Pressure
Valerian Dream
Vanilla Berry Truffle (Art of Tea)
Wake Up! Tea
Weight Reduction Aid
West Cape Chai (Rishi Tea)
White Coconut Creme (Art of Tea)
White Ginseng Detox (Rishi Tea)
White Peony (Rishi Tea)
Winter Tonic
Winter Warmth
Women's Wonder Brew
Yerba Mate
  • Yerba Mate

  • Organic Black, Green & Red Teas
  • A traditional stimulating South American tonic herb
  • $1.95/oz
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Yin Yang

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