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Herbal Capsules and Supplements

Humboldt Herbals provides a number of high quality supplement lines including New Chapter, a provider of whole-plant extracts, Plum Flower Teapills, the premiere Chinese herbal supplement makeers, and other fine companies. Please browse among the brands listed on the right.

14 Mushroom Blend (60 caps)
Adrenal Assist (90 Capsules)
Amla (60 caplets)
Arjuna (60 caplets)
Ashwagandha (60 caplets)
Bacopa (60 caplets)
Bilberry (60 Veggycaps)
Black Cohosh (60 Veggycaps)
Blood Pressure Formula (60 Capsules)
Bone Strength Take Care® (30 caps)
Boswellia (60 vegetarian capsules)
Breast Cycle Blend (60 Capsules)
BreastBlend (90 capsules)
Butterbur Extra (120 Capsules)
CandidaStat (60 capsules)
CardioBlend (120 Capsules)
Chaste Tree Berry (60 capsules)
Clear Lungs  (60 Capsules)
Cordyceps (60 caps)
Cramp Bark Extra (60 capsules)
Cranberry (50 VeggyCaps)
CranStat Extra (60 Capsules)
Echinacea (50 Veggycaps)
Estrotone® (60 soft gel caps)
FemRebalance (60 capsules)
Gaba Ease (60 capsules)
Garcinia (60 caplets)
GlucoCare (90 capsules)
Goldenseal Root (30 Veggycaps)
Guggul (60 vegetarian capsules)
Gymnema (60 caplets)
Hair ReVive 5 (120 Capsules)
Hawthorn (50 Veggycaps)
Holy Basil (60 vegetarian capsules)
Holy Basil Force™ (60 soft gel caps)
Horsetail (50 Veggycaps)
Iron Extra
Lactation Blend (60 capsules)
Laxa Blend (60 Capsules)
Lemon Balm Force™ (30 soft gel caps)
Lion's Mane (60 caps)
LiverCare (90 capsules)
Lysine Extra (60 capsules)
MenstriCare (60 Veggy capsules)
Migraine Relief  (60 Capsules)
Milk Thistle (120 Veggycaps)
Milk Thistle (240 Veggycaps)
MindCare (60 capsules)
Mucuna (60 caplets)
Nettle leaf (50 Veggycaps)
Nettle Quercetin (90 Veggycaps)
Nettle Root (90 Veggycaps)
Oregano Force™ (30 soft gel caps)
Pacific Bladderwrack (fucus vesiculosus)
Pacific Sea Vegetable Blend
Perfect Postnatal 48 ct
Perfect Prenatal 48 ct
Pregnancy Prep (60 capsules)
Prostate Take Care (60 soft gel caps)
Reishi (60 caps)
Rhodiola Force® 100 (30 caps)
Saw Palmetto (60 Veggycaps)
Shatavari (60 caplets)
Sinus Clear  (60 Capsules)
Skin Assist (90 Capsules)
Sleep Blend (60 capsules)
St. John's Wort (90 Veggycaps)
StressCare (120 Veggy Capsules)
ThyroFem (60 capsules)
Triphala (60 caplets)
Turkey Tail  (60 caps)
Turmeric ( 50 Veggycaps)
Turmeric Force® (60 soft gel caps)
  • Turmeric Force® (60 soft gel caps)

  • New Chapter's Whole Food and Herbal Supplements
  • Supercritical Turmeric promotes the body's natural healthy inflammation response and liver health
  • $29.95/60 Soft Gel Capsules (New Every-Day Low Price!)
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Uplift (60 capsules)
UriCare (120 capsules)
Uva Ursi (50 Veggycaps)
V-Fresh (6 suppositories)
Valerian (50 Veggycaps)
VeinoBlend (90 Capsules)
Wholemega Fish Oil (60 caps)
Wholemega For Moms 90 ct
Woman's Phase I (60 Capsules)
Women's Phase II (90 Capsules)
Yeast Arrest (14 suppositories)
Zyflammend Nighttime (60 Vegan Caps)
Zyflammend Whole Body (60 Vegan Caps)

Humboldt Herbals is not responsible for the improper use of any herbs or herbal products listed on this web site. Any information given is intended to provide educational information on traditional uses of herbs and the remedies of our ancestors. This is in no way an attempt to replace the professional advice of a qualified physician and herbal clinician. None of the products listed are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and none of the statements in this web site have been evaluated by the FDA.